Practical gardening

Parrat tulip

Plant Tulips Now

Plant tulips too early and there is more time for things to go wrong. Since each bulb already contains its flower all that is needed is to give them a chance to send out some roots, experience the cold of winter and not let them dry out – the result is a guarantee of flowers …

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Creative Weeding

This gardening practice is well established in Dutch gardening where native plants as well as hardy annuals form a recurring element within planting designs. As a design concept the spontaneous appearance of delicate plants throughout a border or indeed a whole garden is in line with contemporary attempts at naturalism. The perennial meadows which are …

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Lysimachia cilliata

Dry Shade

Two words that seem to trigger instant depression for gardeners: dry and shade. Yes, of course, plants need water and light to grow, but some can do with less. In some ways dry shade can offer opportunities that more clement growing conditions might not. To start with we need to identify what sort of dry …

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