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What is an eBook?

An eBook is an electronic document which you can read on a computer, iPad or other suitable device. eBooks are distributed as PDF files which can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader, Mac Preview, Foxlt Reader or many other types of applications. Many of these sort of software packages are free.

All books are supplied in PDF format as this allows us to combine pictures and text in full colour for maximum ease of reading.

How do I Purchasing eBooks?

To purchase an eBook from Design & Plant simply click the ADD TO CART button next to the item and you will be taken to a separate purchase window where you can either checkout using your PayPal account or your credit card. Alternatively, you can select to continue shopping.

How do I Pay for my eBook?

All PDF files are priced in Euros and all sales are processed via PayPal. This means that anything PayPal accepts can be used for payment – different currency, any credit card and any bank account. You can sign up for a PayPal account if you do not have one already, but should you wish to simply pay using your credit card that will be possible in most regions of the world. The PayPal site will offer all relevant information to make your purchase possible.

Should you receive a message saying that PayPal cannot accept you chosen form of payment, you will have no alternative, but to open a PayPal account. This is unlikely to be the case, however, regrettably this is the only system we use at this time for accepting payment – sorry.

How do I Download my new eBook?

Once you have paid for your eBook at PayPal, a new browser window will open and a download link for each eBook will be displayed. Click on the link to start the download to your computer. If you pay using a credit card or other means you will receive an e-mail once payment has been approved with instructions of how to download your PDF file/files.

What if I do not get my Download Link?

You will normally get your download email with the link within a few minutes of purchase. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control this can take longer – please be patient. Also, please check your Junk Mail folder. If after 24 hours you have still not received the download link information, please contact us. If you have made a mistake in entered your email address we will arrange to have the links resent. However, please send us your PayPal Transaction ID with your request (it looks like this: 8FL67521K805427L).

What if I Bought the Wrong Thing?

The checkout procedure makes it very clear which eBooks you have chosen to purchase. It is your responsibility to make sure this information is correct before placing an order.

Can I Copy and Print my eBook?

You should make a backup copy of your downloaded PDF file for safe keeping. The system we use will allow you three attempts at downloading each file, but no more, so please safeguard your purchase.

You can print out PDF files, but they are not designed for printing. The PDF format is optimized for display on screen.

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2 thoughts on “FAQs eBooks”

  1. Dear Bill,
    The books I am offering as eBooks are not printed books but digital file downloads. These can be downloaded to your computer to read. The PDF file format is designed for reading on screen and not really for printing. Paypal process your payment and with them you can either using your paypal bank account or simply pay using any credit card without opening a paypal account. Hope this makes it clear. Michael

    1. Dear Bill,
      Sorry, but the only way we are able to sell the books at this time is via the Paypal route. That said, why it is not possible for you is difficult to understand as everyone else seems to be able to proceed. Could it be that you have set some very high security controls on your computer’s firewall etc? Alternatively, you might try using another computer. You can also open a Paypal account which is free. Hope you can sort this out.
      Best wishes, Michael

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