Grass {lanting Plans


Grass Planting Plans will focus your attention on the best ornamental grasses to use in your garden. This is a practical users guide.

The new plans in this e-Book clearly show how the different grasses are used in combinations with other perennials. Sometimes the grasses stand alone as features, but in other plans they are repeated across the entire border to develop a meadow-like image. Use the plans for a guaranteed result or take inspiration and adapt them to you specific needs.

Grass Planting Plans perfectly complements my original Grass King e-Books that looked in detail at the many characteristics of grasses and how these could be used in combination with other garden plants.

Detailed planting plans are shown for key grasses in each of the sections which deal separately with small, medium and large sized grasses.
In each case the role the grass plays in the planting plan is explained in order to inspire you and to lead you to finding your own plant associations.

Grasses sample page

Small and medium sized grasses are show being used in domestic scale border plans. The individual plants are presented as symbols to illustrate exactly how I would place them on the ground when planting. Larger grasses might stand alone rising above their neighbours as features within a matrix of lower growing perennials and for these examples larger planting areas are illustrated.

The Planting Plans are:

All grass descriptions are accompanied by a photograph clearly illustrating its character.

Miscanthus sinensis ’Hermann Müssel’ is one of the most beautiful and largest cultivars.
Grass {lanting Plans
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Further Reading


PDF fie download € 10.99

Twenty original planting plans for schemes using both perennials and ornamental grasses for different situations and effects.
The wide spectrum of plants included in this book makes it the perfect complement to Grass Planting Plans.
Additionally, suggestions for plants including shrubs to feature in these schemes are included.

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GRASS KING Books 1 & 2

Grass eBook cover
PDF fie download € 10.99

A richly illustrated guide to ornamental grasses. It highlights their unique features. Learn how to combine them with other garden plants and how they can be used to define the mood and atmosphere of gardens both small and large.
Including descriptions of the very best garden grasses.

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