Design and Plant a perennial meadow

Wet Perennial Meadows eBook

This is book five in the series. Book one – Introduction – explains the theory and practice of perennial meadow gardening, the five other books in the series contain planting schemes for a wide range of different settings and growing conditions. See details of the series here.

Wet Perennial Meadows eBook

This series of meadows use perennials that need some moisture in the ground throughout the growing season and without it would dry out and die – hostas, astilbes, rodgersias and primulas appear in these pages amidst ferns and woodland grasses. Together with the schemes in book six on shady meadows you will find a range of elegant solutions for some of the most frequently commonly planted areas of private gardens near to buildings, walls and trees.

All planting schemes consist of:

  • an introduction to the scheme highlighting its theme and suggesting where it will fit best into your garden.
  • quantities and spacing of each of the five theme plants used.
  • suggestions for complementary plants to add to the scheme.
  • a discussion of the plants used and how they combine to make a long lasting garden display.
  • details on each of the theme plants, recommendations for the best cultivars and an indication of their potential growing height and spread.

With 5 illustrated planting schemes this eBook in PDF format costs just €4.99 Euros.

Download some sample pages from Wet Perennial Meadows here.

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