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Shrub Features offers an original way of using ornamental shrubs in small, medium and large contemporary gardens. This original eBook is illustrated throughout with more than 100 pages of information and ideas for just €12.99 EURO.

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Traditional approaches to the creation of shrub borders and mixed plant borders are discussed in detail.

The contemporary concept of the shrub feature border is introduced and explained in detail. Ten original concepts for shrub feature borders are presented as examples of how this exciting design approach can be made to work in practice. Shrubs are brought together with plants as diverse as flowering herbaceous perennials, bulbs and ornamental grasses to create stable, long-lasting planting schemes.

Shrub Features Sample

An extended catalogue of recommended shrubs for use in shrub features is accompanied by original line drawings that clearly show the size, scale, habit and character of the different species and cultivars. Descriptions are based upon Michael King’s personal experience of growing and using these shrubs. Michael’s prejudices and preferences will enable you to make the best choices for your own needs.

Recommended Shrub Features

 Shrubs in Smaller Gardens

Using shrubs in today’s smaller gardens is filled with obstacles and challenges which the shrub features illustrated in this book aim to overcome. Shrub features need not be limited to small gardens alone as on a larger scale multiples of shrub feature borders can be arranged to fill the wider landscape. Shrub feature borders can take any shape or size and be arranged into infinitely variable landscape designs. The concepts presented in this guide will lead you to find inspiration for creating original planting designs in which shrubs play a leading role.


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  3. please tell me what planting zone your ebooks cover and if you get a discount if you buy all of them at once and what is that price in dollars? Thanks, Mindy

    1. I write form my experience in zone 7/8 – temperate climate. The dollar price is near to Euro and Paypal calculate it automatically for you.

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