Design and Plant a perennial meadow


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Ornamental grasses bring nature, drama and excitement to contemporary gardens – so long as you understand how to use them properly. In this two e-Book bundle everything you need to know about designing with grasses will be fully revealed. Two books for just €10.99 EURO.

BOOK 1 introduces the world of ornamental grasses and details their characteristics and how these can lead to their use in your planting designs. It then includes a survey of the best of the best ornamental grasses for garden designs. Not an encyclopaedia, but an informed list of what to plant.

BOOK 2 covers how to plant and look after ornamental grasses, but then moves on to showing you how to combine them with other plants in flower borders. Finally, everything is brought together when we look at how to use grasses when designing the entire garden landscape. The two books together take the form of a masterclass in ornamental grasses.

The 150 top quality photographs bring everything to life in a glittering display of possibilities.

This is the book I have been intending to write for more than ten years. Finally it has arrived, and what a pleasure it has been to bring all of my thoughts together in this new format.

Two sample pages are available for download here for you to see just how they look on your monitor. View pdf files using Acrobat Reader (or Preview on the mac) in Single Page viewing mode and at full screen for ideal format. On the iPad the best App for viewing pdf files is GOODREADER

GRASS KING BOOKs are for amateur gardeners and professional landscapers alike – clear and simple – essential reading.

PDF File Download – Two book bundle = €10.99 Euro

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6 thoughts on “GRASS KING e-Books”

  1. michele Bellamy

    Do you sell any of these books in regular book format? I would rather have a regular book., I am not very fond of E-books.
    Thank you

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