Autumn tints

Light Up The Winter Garden

HakonechloaWinter has really arrived here in Amsterdam. It is cool and wet and I am glad that I have finished my replanting projects. Last week I weeded here and there, tidied away broken or flopped stems, and topped up the wood chip paths.

Perennial gardenThe garden is quite tidy now if you can appreciate the look of dying perennials and their silhouettes, but in truth, without light they look drab and dreary.

Autumn tints

The coloured leaves of deciduous shrubs are falling, but a few that remain hang like jewels when caught by low-angled sunlight.

Autumn tints

When the sun shines there is a great deal to enjoy especially in the knowledge that there is nothing more to be done this year apart from sweeping up fallen leaves.


Garden books give you a list of tasks to work on in the winter, but I will do nothing more than enjoy the sunlight, when its there, until February when I spring into action and tidy away the dead and brittle perennial debris and start to anticipate the arrival of spring.

Grasses in pots