Rudbeckia in the Perennial Meadows garden

Bright Yellow and Orange Perennials contrast with Purples and Browns in the late summer garden

Heleniums mingle with grasses and seedheads in the Perennial Meadows gardenRudbeckia and Helenium set the tone in the late summer garden. Their gaiety is modulated by the darker brown tones of tinted foliage and chunky seedheads.

Rudbeckia in the Perennial Meadows gardenOur summer was dull in the end and the warm season grasses have struggled to come into flower. Panicums have performed well, but many Miscanthus have yet to show the reason we grow them.

For now here is a short video of a part of the Amsterdam garden that is nearing its flowering peak. Look out for my post next week when finally all the grasses will be in flower.