Shrubs, Grasses and Perennials making a Border

Berberis, Feature Shrubs

My previous video showed a small border running down the centre of my Amsterdam garden. This second border follows the same line on the other side of the sundial and uses some of the same, or at least similar, plants in order to link the two schemes and make a bolder impact within the garden as a whole.

The end of this perennial border is shaded and the plantings are adapted to account for this – hostas, ferns, epimediums, astilbes and a few shrubs including hydrangeas and Japanese maples.


The first fern shown is Athyrium vidalii and the last image is of Dryopteris wallichiana and the dramatic yellow grass is Hakenonchloa macra ‘All Gold’.

Berberis and Hakenochloa grass



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