Late Summer Colour in the Perennial Meadows’ Garden

Late summer perennial flowers

My trial gardens in Amsterdam seem to have waltzed through the colour wheel this year in spite of the difficulties that weather has throw at them. Spring was too dry, the first half of summer was cold and dry, then it rained a few times but quickly became unbearably hot. Drought has prevailed for more than two months until this week when it started to rain too excess.

late summer perennialsThe only things I have been watering throughout the drought have been some newly planted shrubs, the rest of the garden has had to look after itself. The trees took matters into their own hands halfway through the summer’s drought by dropping half their foliage, with the scent of toffee apples from the fallen leaves of  Cercidiphyllum japonicum filling the garden for a  few displaced days in July.

Cercidophyllum japonicum

The ornamental grasses have all caught up with the season and are in full flower bringing height and mobile textures to the field of colour that surrounds them. Late summer is the time when I harvest the fruits of all my labours, even though it is nature that has actually done all the hard work.

Late summer perennial flowers