National Tulip Day Amsterdam 2013

Tulips Offer Hope

National Tulip Day 2013

Tulpendag Amsterdam 2013

It was only a week ago that I was writing about our mild winter in Holland and advising you not to miss the boat and get on with cutting back cold season grasses. Well since then winter has arrived here in the Netherlands, people are sharpening their ice skates and the trains have stopped running. I hate the cold!

National Tulip Day Amsterdam 2013
National Tulip Day Amsterdam 2013

But today hope arrived in the centre of Amsterdam – it is our National Tulip Day – the official start of the tulip season apparently.

National Tulip Day Amsterdam 2013Presumably we are talking cut flowers here, but with Dam Square in front of the Royal Palace filled with blocks of tulips, hope brought some warmth to my numb hands.

National Tulip Day Amsterdam 2013How the team running the event managed to stay so friendly and welcoming for so long in what was a bitterly cold afternoon I will never know, but I came home proudly sporting my free bunch of bright yellow tulips.

National Tulip Day Amsterdam 2013In such weather there was no time to be too choosy and once the entrance was opened to the field of colour both locals and tourists charged in, shoulder to shoulder, to claim their trophies.

National Tulip Day Amsterdam 2013We are being promised ten more days of cold weather – but then I am convinced the garden will be available to me again to press on with the annual tidy up in anticipation of the next wave of tulip colour. Tulips really do offer hope.