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Taking Cuttings of Perennials

Early summer is an excellent time of the year to be taking cuttings of perennials. Perennial meadows use a restricted pallet of plants that are repeated across the planting area to create a bold visual impact; not ones or twos … Continue reading

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Pachyphragma machrophyllum a white flowered ground-cover perennial for spring gardens.

Some plants are recommended time and again whilst others, even though they are better, are completely ignored. This is I suppose not only the province of plants, people are also victims of such narrow vision. It is time to sing … Continue reading

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Can you grow Annuals in a Perennial Flower Border?

Annuals are not always true to their name as many which we grow from seed each year are in fact perennial plants that originate from warmer climates than our own. True annuals are often more delicate, etherial and ephemeral elements … Continue reading

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Grow Perennial Plants from Seed

Perennial meadows fill our gardens with drifts of colour and texture replacing labour intensive lawns and dull areas of gravel and ground cover. However, this new trend in planting design has one big downside – the cost of the large … Continue reading

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