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Spring into action

My last post showed the garden three weeks ago just after I had knocked down all the perennials with the question “would you want your garden looking like that?”. Well, as promised, the perennials have reappeared rapidly to cover the … Continue reading

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Managing Soils

Healthy soil is the foundation of any perennial meadow planting I have already written about my decision to mulch newly planted perennial meadows following initial planting in order to suppress weeds. Time and again I am amazed just how much … Continue reading

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Managing Garden Soils

Soil Management for Perennial Meadow Planting Schemes Americans mulch and Europeans don’t and arguments rage between those that do and those that don’t. Like many generalisations there are more exceptions than truths, but apparently an over reliance on bark mulches … Continue reading

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A Garden Month by Month

A month by month record of a small Dutch garden – my trial garden in Amsterdam February – Chaos March – Grabbing at straws April – Spring Tulips and more: May is green June – Pink puts in an appearance  … Continue reading

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Perennial Garden Spring Tidy-Up

What a strange winter here in the Netherlands. Almost the mildest on record until the end of January and then more than three weeks of intense cold in February. The result is that my normal plan of tidying up the … Continue reading

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Winter ends, gardening begins

Its official, the last day of February marks the end of the meteorological winter and this year its a day later. Or at least that’s what my weather lady tells me on Dutch television. I always had in my head … Continue reading

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Dry Shade

Two words that seem to trigger instant depression for gardeners: dry and shade. Yes, of course, plants need water and light to grow, but some can do with less. In some ways dry shade can offer opportunities that more clement … Continue reading

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Success with Perennials – Establishment and Maintenance of Planting Schemes

It is now three years since I planted nine separate perennial meadows to illustrate my eBooks and they are looking fantastic. In fact they looked good in the first year, but now we can begin to see just how successful … Continue reading

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A Low Maintenance Perennial Garden

Perennial meadows offer gardeners the opportunity to reduce the amount of garden maintenance they must undertake while at the same time increasing their garden’s appeal, both visually and for the benefit of nature, wildlife and the environment. Getting rid of … Continue reading

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At the end of January my garden is a mess!

But that’s fine, it should be, the annual cycle is complete and now is the time to get busy outside. My garden is filled with perennial plants which start into growth in spring, reach a peak sometime later and come … Continue reading

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