Garden maintenance

Perennial plants in winter

Dutch Garden Wave Tidy Up

  The naturalistic style of planting popularised over the past twenty years by Dutch garden designers, including myself, places great importance upon perennials that look good throughout the winter by retaining their form either as dead skeletons or by way of their distinctive seedheads.   At this time chaos threatens and the urge to tidy away …

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Molinia caerulea subsp. arundinacea

Whispering Grass

  As gardeners there are two groups of purple moor grass to be aware of: Molinia caerulea subspecies caerulea which flower somewhere between knee and hip height and Molinia caerulea subspecies arundinacea which top head height.   The taller of the two make diffuse fountains of flower stems that dance in the slightest breeze, however …

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soil preparation

Managing Soils

Healthy soil is the foundation of any perennial meadow planting I have already written about my decision to mulch newly planted perennial meadows following initial planting in order to suppress weeds. Time and again I am amazed just how much work it saves and the fact that we don’t have to walk in amongst the …

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Soil and Mulch

Managing Garden Soils

Soil Management for Perennial Meadow Planting Schemes Americans mulch and Europeans don’t and arguments rage between those that do and those that don’t. Like many generalisations there are more exceptions than truths, but apparently an over reliance on bark mulches in American landscaping has triggered a knee jerk reaction against them. In a recent book …

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