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Early Summer Theme Plants – Roses and Hardy Geraniums

In a small garden you need to carefully choose a number of theme plants that you can use in sufficient quantities to have a bold impact and which, each in their turn, play a role in a sequence stretching from spring … Continue reading

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Biennials need sowing now.

Its time to think about sowing biennials for a display next year. Biennials are those plants we grow that flower in their second year from sowing after which we traditionally rip them out and replace them with summer bedding; foxgloves … Continue reading

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Hemerocallis dumortieri – the earliest flowering daylily

Hemerocallis dumortieri is the earliest flowering daylily in my garden and for this reason alone it deserves our attention. Daylilies are deservedly popular as they are easily grown perennials that flower over a long summer season. In America their popularity … Continue reading

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Tulips in Pots or in Gardens

The tulip season is coming to a premature end in the Netherlands with temperatures hitting 28 degrees (82F) this weekend. Tulipa sprengeri is coming into flower weeks earlier than normal, but every cloud has a silver lining as this early … Continue reading

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The Queen pays my garden a visit

Garden visiting is fraught with problems as I recently talked about in my guest post at Gardening Gone Wild. Last week Prince Willem-Alexander opened this year’s bulb festival at the Keukenhof in Lisse, South Holland; the theme had something to … Continue reading

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Complementary Plants for Perennial Meadows

This will be the penultimate post in the Meadows 101 section of this site, but in many ways it is one of the most important. This series of posts aims to give an introduction to the ideas and practices of … Continue reading

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Can you grow Annuals in a Perennial Flower Border?

Annuals are not always true to their name as many which we grow from seed each year are in fact perennial plants that originate from warmer climates than our own. True annuals are often more delicate, etherial and ephemeral elements … Continue reading

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February is the season for snowdrops and hellebores.

In February snowdrops and hellebores are indispensable, but we must know how to use them and avoid the hype that surrounds them. It is not the plants, but the people who promote and sell them that I have a problem … Continue reading

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Grow Perennial Plants from Seed

Perennial meadows fill our gardens with drifts of colour and texture replacing labour intensive lawns and dull areas of gravel and ground cover. However, this new trend in planting design has one big downside – the cost of the large … Continue reading

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Meadows 101

This category will build into a series of articles that explain how the concept of perennial meadows has developed, where and how they should be used within gardens as well as the practical aspects of designing, planting and maintaining them. … Continue reading

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