Tulips for garden borders

Tulips in my garden

Now is the time to make a list of the spring flowering bulbs and especially the tulips you need to order for planting in the autumn. With the bulbs in flower in front of you – there is no better moment to make a plan; if you don’t, many of your inspired ideas will be forgotten when …

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Perennial plants in winter

Dutch Garden Wave Tidy Up

  The naturalistic style of planting popularised over the past twenty years by Dutch garden designers, including myself, places great importance upon perennials that look good throughout the winter by retaining their form either as dead skeletons or by way of their distinctive seedheads.   At this time chaos threatens and the urge to tidy away …

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Molinia caerulea subsp. arundinacea

Whispering Grass

  As gardeners there are two groups of purple moor grass to be aware of: Molinia caerulea subspecies caerulea which flower somewhere between knee and hip height and Molinia caerulea subspecies arundinacea which top head height.   The taller of the two make diffuse fountains of flower stems that dance in the slightest breeze, however …

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Purple tulips

Tulip Order

They are early this year, but Tulipa sprengeri are flowering in the garden and this marks the end of the tulip flowering season. There is no better time to plan your bulb order than now whilst the memories of the past season’s bulb displays are fresh in your mind. In my earlier post I showed how well …

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