Perennial Garden Amsterdam

Indian Summer Reward

  Asters, grasses and autumn tints are the main ingredients that brought my garden to its final crescendo this year. Following a long hot and merciless dry summer in which everything struggled including myself, autumn arrived with just a little rain and everything changed. Autumn tints were early, but many old clumps of Miscanthus grasses …

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Shrub feature borders

Shrubs in late spring

It is in late spring, just after the tulips have ended, that I become delighted by the many flowering shrubs and distinctive foliage colours that seem to dominate the garden. Of course there are various perennials flowering including Euphorbia, Geum, Geranium and bulbous plants such as Camassia and ornamental onions, but foliage colours and the flowering mounds …

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Spring into action

My last post showed the garden three weeks ago just after I had knocked down all the perennials with the question “would you want your garden looking like that?”. Well, as promised, the perennials have reappeared rapidly to cover the ground level debris and the shrubs are bursting into flower. This is how it was …

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Grasses in early Autumn

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Vorläufer’ Ornamental grasses bring excitement and interest to the garden throughout the year when we take advantage of their exceptional qualities, but it is in early autumn that they can steal my heart. Molinia caerulea Subsp. caerulea and Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Overdam’ In soft light their fine details are set against the courser …

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Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses

The warm season grasses are finally in full flower her in the Netherlands. This year they are later than normal as a result of the cool late summer weather. But when they do flower all is forgiven as by then the garden has reached its dramatic peak. Cool season grasses such as Calamagrostis (above) are …

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Rudbeckia in the Perennial Meadows garden

Bright Yellow and Orange Perennials contrast with Purples and Browns in the late summer garden

Rudbeckia and Helenium set the tone in the late summer garden. Their gaiety is modulated by the darker brown tones of tinted foliage and chunky seedheads. Our summer was dull in the end and the warm season grasses have struggled to come into flower. Panicums have performed well, but many Miscanthus have yet to show …

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