Tulips at Keukenhof

Time for Tulips

Well, what a winter we have had in northern Europe! Normally by now the garden would be full of spring flowers: bulbs, tulips more than any, and blossom on the trees and shrubs, but no. This weekend the weather is finally changing and no doubt spring will start like the finale of a firework show …

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National Tulip Day Amsterdam 2013

Tulips Offer Hope

National Tulip Day 2013 It was only a week ago that I was writing about our mild winter in Holland and advising you not to miss the boat and get on with cutting back cold season grasses. Well since then winter has arrived here in the Netherlands, people are sharpening their ice skates and the …

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Parrat tulip

Plant Tulips Now

Plant tulips too early and there is more time for things to go wrong. Since each bulb already contains its flower all that is needed is to give them a chance to send out some roots, experience the cold of winter and not let them dry out – the result is a guarantee of flowers …

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Tulipa humilis Albocaerulea Group

Blue Tulips

My recent post on red tulips was intended to make a serious design point about using tulips as complementary plants in perennial meadow planting schemes; what follows is more of a celebration of what this incredible flower has to offer. Blue is a colour to be cherished in the garden, but rarely is it pure. …

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