Meadows 101

Size and Shape of a Perennial Meadow within a garden’s design.

In my previous post about the difference between flower borders and naturaltistic perennial meadows, the first was described as a picture to be view and admired from outside while the other, the naturalistic planting scheme, was designed to be entered and experienced from within. How then can we place a perennial meadow within a garden’s …

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Meadow with nepeta and echinacea

Meadows 101

This category will build into a series of articles that explain how the concept of perennial meadows has developed, where and how they should be used within gardens as well as the practical aspects of designing, planting and maintaining them. To avoid misleading anyone it should be understood that we are not primarily concerned with …

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my Perennial Meadows

My perennial meadows are created with densely planted pot-grown plants that can be set into an infinitely flexible arrangement of beds and borders to cover anything from a small patch of soil in a city centre courtyard to a field in open countryside. They are attractive from the moment they are planted becoming bolder and more …

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