Grass Planting Plans

Grass Planting Plans – a new e-Book

An exciting new e-Book showing how the best ornamental grasses can be combined with other plants. Learn how to create stunning perennial meadow borders including garden grasses.

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Grasses are placed in three groups of small, medium and large growing species. Each group has a role to play in your garden plans, but not always the same. The descriptions pinpoint the best way to use each of the different grasses.

Each section contains detailed planting plans showing how many of these grasses can be combined with other perennial plants also including feature shrubs and bulbs. Follow the plans for an immediate result or, better still, study them in detail and adapt them to your specific needs.

The use of symbols allows you to clearly see how each of the different plants is placed in relation to the others. Sometimes plants are set out singly, sometimes in small groups and sometimes in large blocks. Whichever arrangement is adopted it will influence the final outcome and atmosphere you create within your new border. Learn to make your vision become a reality.
The Plans are:

List of grass plans


Grass {lanting Plans
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Further Reading


PDF fie download € 10.99

Twenty original planting plans for schemes using both perennials and ornamental grasses for different situations and effects.
The wide spectrum of plants included in this book makes it the perfect complement to Grass Planting Plans.
Additionally, suggestions for plants including shrubs to feature in these schemes are included.

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GRASS KING Books 1 & 2

Grass eBook cover
PDF fie download € 10.99

A richly illustrated guide to ornamental grasses. It highlights their unique features. Learn how to combine them with other garden plants and how they can be used to define the mood and atmosphere of gardens both small and large.
Including descriptions of the very best garden grasses.

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