Grass foliage

Beautiful Grasses At Winter’s End

It is March, winter’s end, and time to cut back the grasses and perennials in the Perennial Meadow gardens here in Amsterdam.

It is still possible that some grasses are beautiful even after a long wet winter, but it is now time to cut them back and tidy up the garden.

Grass silhouettes in winter

Some grasses like Hakonechloa and Molinia can be simply tidied by tugging at the dead foliage with a gloved hand. The foliage of these grasses is brittle and breaks away from their crowns easily. Other grasses like Sporobolus and Pennisetum are not so accommodating and you need to take your secateurs to them.

Autumn tints

By the end of winter the grasses are bleached but earlier their autumnal tints can be spectacular and dramatic.

Miscanthus grasses in winter
Miscanthus, Panicum and Sporobolus are amongst the top three grasses for autumn colour in the garden.