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PERENNIAL PLANTING PLANS is my new eBook about designing perennial meadows.

In a new approach to presenting my ideas on the subject of naturalistic planting for the average home garden PERENNIAL PLANTING PLANS shows clearly how to go about arranging the plants on the ground to create natural looking plant communities.

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The plans use symbols that vividly illustrate my ideas. Relationships between the different plants becoming clearly visible..

Theme plants are arranged in clusters, drifts or singly depending upon the design intention. In each plan the text description explains the logic behind each association. PERENNIAL PLANTING PLANS eBook goes a step further than the schemes presented in my, now classic, original series of eBooks on Perennial Meadow Gardening. The concept of feature plants is introduced for the first time.

Sample page for Perennial Planting Plans

Feature plants take mixed perennial border planting to the next level. When planting areas are significantly larger, a simple repetition of theme and complementary plants is not enough. Large scale designs need focus that can be introduced by dropping in a few bold specimen plants or repeating groups of distinctive perennial plants or shrubs.

The idea of feature plants was explored in detail in my eBook on Feature Shrubs. In that case, perennials were used to create a podium for a carefully chosen assortment of shrubs, both small and large. In this new eBook on perennials, as well as illustrating the placement of theme plants and offering a list of potential complementary plants, there are also suggestions for feature plants. Appropriate plants — trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs, are proposed that may be included into larger schemes as feature plants.

PERENNIAL PLANTING PLANS eBook consists of 30 new planting ideas for a wide range of different gardening situations. Plans for carpeting courtyard gardens or for narrow borders are especially relevant to gardeners with small and medium sized gardens. Plans inspired by nature and landscape including North American prairies, Eurasian steppe and European meadows also feature.

Inspiration for planting design comes from many sources, but sometimes simple the beauty of plant species is enough. In the final section of the book a series of plant-led designs dominated by popular garden perennials concludes the list.

Putting these plans together has been a revelation and I am hopeful that anyone taking the time to study them carefully will find plenty to inspire them. Understanding the process I follow in creating emotionally charged planting schemes will hopefully empower you to come up with exciting garden plans fore yourself.

Perennial Planting Plans cover

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PRICE €9.99