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Learning With Experts – Online Training

The online training courses offered by Learning With Experts feature video lectures by some of the worlds leading experts in their fields.

Originally starting in 2011 as My Garden School, they offered a range of courses covering garden design, garden maintenance, planting design, the herb garden, roses, shrubs, climbers and bulbs. Later the range expanded to cover garden photography, lawn care and even building tree houses.

Today the school, now known as Learning with Experts, has broadened its range of studies including antiques, flower arranging and especially popular, cooking.

I have been one of their tutors since 2014 and have followed the developments from within. Their success lies in the ability to pursued some of the top experts in their fields to work with them. Students sign up for a month in which time they receive four video lectures to watch, study notes and most importantly direct contact with the expert. Following each lecture there is an assignment to complete. Whilst the assignments are voluntary they give the student the chance to consolidate what they have been taught and interact with their tutor on a one to one basis.

I have two courses running at Learning with Experts: Gardening with Grasses and Perennial Meadow Gardening. As a follower of this web site you would not expect anything less! The grasses course is the logical lead into the perennials course where we look at the process of designing and creating perennial meadows. Those of you who have worked their way through my eBook series, Perennial Meadows, will be familiar with the concepts. But for the greatest benefit you need to sign up for the Expert programme.

As an Expert student (as opposed to a, so-called, Peer) you undertake four assignments. As a tutor I find that the more a student puts into these assignments the more they gain from the course. Some students keep their assignments brief and we limit our discussions to just that. Often, however, it is the students that struggle at the beginning and receive the most constructive criticism from me that end up fully grasping the ideas being covered in each course. For this reason I would always recommend the Expert option. It costs a lot more, but nowhere else will you gain direct access to experts, whose names you will no doubt already be familiar with.

Gardening experts are well represented including Tom Stuart-Smith, Noel Kingsbury, Chris Beardshaw, Andy McIndoe, Piet Oudolf, Hilary Thomas and the garden photographer Clive Nichols to name just some of those best known to me. Additionally names from the worlds of floristry, jewellery and antiques offer a range of interesting courses. However, what is booming at this time is cooking, with celebrated names including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his team of expert chefs at The River Cottage.

The corona pandemic has seen student numbers grow rapidly. With more students per classroom there is more opportunity to interact with each other and study one another’s assignments.

With the holiday season approaching why not consider joining me on my Gardening with Grasses course and maybe follow up with the Perennial Meadow Gardening course. There is also a gift voucher scheme for anyone looking for a great present for someone interested in gardening, photography, cooking and even bee keeping. I understand that if you use the links on this page to contact them and sign up I too will receive a welcome reward for my efforts and that would be nice.

My own eBooks available here continue to attract readers. In fact, I regularly dip into them myself for inspiration! The good news is that I am working on a new selection of planting designs which will be ready some time in the spring. Perennial meadow gardening has developed over the years and the concepts I cover in depth in my Feature Shrubs eBook will be given more focus in the new addition to the Perennial Meadows eBook series. Stay tuned.