Herfst In De Tuin – My Autumn Garden

This year I am trialling a number of different species and cultivars of asters and they have brought real beauty into my autumn garden.

Aster scaber

Aster scaber is spreading too rapidly, but it is very attractive both in leaf before flowering and then when actually flowering very late in the season. Such plants are useful in the garden where they have to fight for survival in difficult situations, but give them the chance and they can easily become a problem.

Fuschia magellanica is late this year having been cut to the ground in late winter last year.

autum garden landscape

Replanted last autumn, this shade border is developing well.

Chaos abounds in the garden during autumn, but there is a lot of beauty in the details. Probably this is my favourite season and my job is to edit the rapidly changing scene to bring these into focus.

Cercis canadensis

Cercis canadensis signals the arrival of winter, but hopefully for a week or two longer.

As well as tidying the garden wherever need arises, this is also a very good time to replant new borders and move things around. The only exception to this is the ornamental grasses that are best left where they are until spring.