Summer perennials

Is Texture a Garden Theme?

Summer perennialsLike any good story the plot is revealed one step at a time; my garden is the same.

Different seasons have different themes as steadily the plants grow up and express themselves like actors in a drama.

Veronicastrum and umbellifersBy late summer I look forward to waving grasses and sheets of yellow blossom, in early summer the colour pallet is all blues, purples and crimsons, but now in July the forms and patterns of stems, leaves and flowers of varied hues mixes together to create a single image or theme I would term texture.

Helenium and grasses

In late summer ornamental grasses are clearly the theme, but in July grasses are only a small part of a much wider planting pallet. Colour harmonies are not important for me in this transition stage. A hard yellow next to a soft pink might annoy some well trained garden designer, but for me their clashing colours are interesting and a signal of what is yet to come.

The July Garden filled with texturesToday I will be gardening surrounded by a tapestry of textures,  tidying up any tangle and setting the stage for a late summer theme where rudbeckias, heleniums, asters and grasses will rise to a crescendo. I do hope there will still be time to sit and study these textures of summer before they fade into memory.

July Garden, Amsterdam