Autumnal Textures over Perennial Colour

Perennials in AutumnMy trial gardens in Amsterdam have teetered on the edge of chaos this year as a result of moving house.

Perennials in AutumnWeeds are under control and wayward growth ruthlessly chopped down, but I long for a clean sweep and the fresh growing season in 2015.

Perennials in Autumn


Perennials in AutumnAlthough colour is everywhere in the garden this autumn from bright yellows, hard reds, glowing oranges and rich browns, it is the textures of the plants that really stands out and dominates.

Perennials in Autumn


Perennials in AutumnThe sense of being overwhelmed by burgeoning vegetation has been emphasised by the tangle that encroaches upon every path and impedes perambulation; frustration is my first feeling, but quickly followed by admiration at the sheer force of growth well chosen perennials can bring to a garden’s dynamic.

Perennials in AutumnNext spring they will have vanished, the borders will be cleared and low, but not for long I hope.

Perennials in Autumn

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