Choosing and Using Shrubs in Garden Design

Over recent weeks I have been writing about using shrubs in combination with perennials  in my garden designs. Having read through all my books on shrubs and purchased a few new ones I seem to have more questions than answers.

Few books really give useful advice about how to use them in garden design and those that do seem to copy one another’s ideas! The exception to this has been “Shrubs” by Andrew McIndoe from The Hillier Gardener’s Guides series. As the managing director of Hillier Garden Centres – one of the UK’s leading nursery firms his knowledge of these plants is accurate and totally up to date. The books organisation and the ideas it contains are very good, but I still have many questions!

Good reason then to take the plunge and sign up for his online course at MyGardenSchool – “Choosing and Using Shrubs in Garden Design” – in which I will not only be able to hear him deliver lectures every week for a month, but also come into direct contact with him and start showering him with all my unanswered questions. By the way, these courses run each month starting on the first Saturday and so I am just in time to join the January course – surely the best time to study and make gardening plans.

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