Designing with Grasses

100 Greatest Gardening Web Sites in the World

If you don’t know them yet be sure to visit MyGardeningSchool soon and check out their blog post on the 100 Greatest Gardening Web Sites in the World listing; there is even still time to point them to any you think are missing from the list.

When you first start looking for good gardening web sites it is too easy to end up wasting hours looking at poorly written personal gardening diaries, bad photography and advertising. Finally, someone is bringing together the best all in one place. I have personally found some gems that are to become part of my regular reading list and, yes of course, I am delighted to see that Perennial Meadows is included.

The latest blog post on the MyGardeningSchool web site is about the extensive perennial and annual flower planting schemes to be enjoyed in the Olympic Park at the moment. Tickets are still available if you are inspired.

Oh, yes, please excuse a bit of self promotion: this is my new course on planting design with grasses at My Garden School!

Designing with Grasses