Perennial Meadows Series

Spring is still a fresh memory, summer is with us and autumn is approaching; no better time then to assess our gardens and make plans. If you can manage to plant up new perennial schemes over the next two months they will be well on their way to creating a bold display next year. Here in The Netherlands we are having a wet summer which has allowed me to make a start already. A new border featuring miscanthus and calamagrostis grasses, daylilies and mints is already in place and I have a lot of cuttings and seedlings growing well that will need to be overwintered in a cold frame, but will be substantial plants for putting out next spring. What are your plans?

The growing season is a time of continuous assessment. With this in mind I have decided to write a series of posts summarising my current thinking about the role of perennial meadows in garden landscapes. My ideas are constantly evolving as each situation triggers new solutions. More practical tips will be found in the already published Meadows 101 section on this site and of course in the series of eBooks which are continuing to be well received.

I hope you will share your own thoughts, ideas and garden plans in the coming months. Although this site is still relatively new I am longing to see examples of perennial meadows made by others.

The Perennial Meadows Series of posts will be appearing at regular intervals over the next few weeks. I hope they trigger some interesting reactions.