Shady Perennial Meadows – a new e-Book

Today, the final book in the Perennial Meadows series has been added to the  Design & Plant library – perennial meadow planting schemes for shade.
Shady Meadows eBook

By adopting the approach used to design the planting schemes in the other books in this series, all of which were for sunny locations, it has been possible to create a range of effective perennial meadows for some of the most challenging parts of private gardens – shady and partially shady areas.

When we think about meadows we see grasses filling the horizon with other plants peppered throughout. The distribution patterns of plants in such communities is the guiding principle to all naturalistic planting which can be summed up in one word – repetition.

The planting schemes in Shady Perennial Meadows do use some grasses, but also tough, easily grown ferns to create the matrix for a display of the many perennials that thrive in the less sunny parts of our gardens.

This final book in the series offers ten diverse schemes that together should inspire gardeners to take full advantage of the opportunities associated with shade. Removed from the stresses of burning sun and exposure, the shady areas of our gardens can become some of its most interesting.

All titles in the Design & Plant library offer incredible value for money at just €4.99 Euros which is approximately US$6.95 each.

Find out more about Shady Perennial Meadows here.

Shady Perennial Meadows eBook