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James van Sweden, The Artful Garden

I first met James van Sweden in 1995 when I was in America to take photographs for a book I was writing at the time on ornamental grasses. Not only was he the perfect host, introducing me to his office … Continue reading

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Blue Tulips

My recent post on red tulips was intended to make a serious design point about using tulips as complementary plants in perennial meadow planting schemes; what follows is more of a celebration of what this incredible flower has to offer. … Continue reading

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Shady Perennial Meadows – a new e-Book

Today, the final book in the Perennial Meadows series has been added to the  Design & Plant library – perennial meadow planting schemes for shade. By adopting the approach used to design the planting schemes in the other books in … Continue reading

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Have ephemeral perennials a use?

Well actually, yes, but it all depends on what we mean by an ephemeral perennial. Ephemeral things (from the Greek, ephemeros – literally, lasting only one day) exist only briefly, such plants may be short lived or flower only briefly. … Continue reading

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The Queen pays my garden a visit

Garden visiting is fraught with problems as I recently talked about in my guest post at Gardening Gone Wild. Last week Prince Willem-Alexander opened this year’s bulb festival at the Keukenhof in Lisse, South Holland; the theme had something to … Continue reading

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