New Gardening eBooks Published

The first three titles in the Design & Plant library have been published today.

The Perennial Meadows series of eBooks – subtitled Naturalistic Planting Schemes for Garden Landscapes – will eventually comprise six books with text and photographs by myself  – Michael King.

prairie eBook CoverDry Steppe Planting eBook

Beginning with book one – Introduction –  the ideas that have lead to the concept of a new style of  perennial meadow are fully explained together with the practical steps to their creation. Starting with site selection and design, moving through plant choices, implementation and finally maintenance, nothing has been left out. This introduction also includes four examples of planting schemes from the other books in the series.

Book two offers a selection of planting schemes in the so-called prairie style and book three covers schemes for dry sunny sites. Soon to be released, book four has schemes for open sunny gardens, book five complements it with schemes using plants that require moist to wet soil conditions and the final book, six, in the series applies the ideas of perennial meadows to the shadier parts of our gardens.

eBooks do not need printing or physically distributing and can be priced favorably. Accordingly, all Design & Plant books cost just €4.99 Euros each.

The idea for a series of titles rather than one huge book, is to enable you to purchase only what you need and no more. If it is the tall-grass American prairie concept that interests you, buy just the Introduction and Prairie books, if it is the romance of hip-high meadows that appeals then the Open and Wet Perennial Meadows books will be enough. But of course, I hope that some of you will find the whole series of interest when it is eventually all released.

You can learn more about the three new eBooks and view sample pages of the individual titles by following the link below. I am also going to make it a practice of offering a discount on all new releases to regular followers of this site. If you purchase any or all of the three new eBooks before the end of this week – March 20, 2011 using coupon code SAVE25 you will receive 25% off.

Publication of the other books in the series is planned for the end of the month.

View the new eBook pages here.

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Introduction Perennial Meadows eBook