Gardening eBooks on Perennial Meadows

The Perennial Meadows series of eBooks is almost ready for publication as anyone who read my earlier post on gardening eBooks and who will read them will know.

The series will eventually comprise six books covering the basic principles of naturalistic style planting and how these can be used to create perennial meadows. The emphasis throughout is to create easy care schemes that can work in smaller domestic gardens rather than the vast perennial projects that are designed for public parks and large exclusive estates. That is not to say that the schemes cannot be used on a large scale but that they will also work for most of us with less room to play with.

Book one introduces the series with the other books offering planting schemes for different garden situations and growing conditions – sun, shade, dry and damp. In this way you will be able to choose the books that you need rather than having to buy everything.

The first release will start on Tuesday 15 March with the publication of three titles:
Introduction, Prairie and Dry Steppe Perennial meadows.

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Three years of research, trials and photography has gone into the creation of this series.

prairie eBook CoverDry Steppe Planting eBookOpen Meadows eBookWet Meadows eBookShady Meadows eBook