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My first lessons in Garden Design

Evening classes are not an exclusively English phenomenon, but in London, at least when I lived there, they were hugely popular. The idea is that all those educational establishments can be used in the evenings during winter months to offer … Continue reading

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Pachyphragma machrophyllum a white flowered ground-cover perennial for spring gardens.

Some plants are recommended time and again whilst others, even though they are better, are completely ignored. This is I suppose not only the province of plants, people are also victims of such narrow vision. It is time to sing … Continue reading

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Red Tulips, Green Garden

Red tulip flowers have dramatic impact in spring when surrounded by their complementary colour green and tulips in whatever colour have to be the ultimate complementary plants to add to a perennial meadow and awaken your gardener’s spirits in early, … Continue reading

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Open Meadows

When is a meadow open as opposed to being closed you might ask. There is no answer, but what I mean by the term open perennial meadow is a meadow-like planting in an open sunny space. To me such spaces … Continue reading

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New Look Perennial Plant Borders

There is a lot more to the idea of a perennial meadow than simply the random arrangement of a group of compatible plants to create a matrix of vegetation to replace an old lawn. In the series of posts – … Continue reading

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New Gardening eBooks Published

The first three titles in the Design & Plant library have been published today. The Perennial Meadows series of eBooks – subtitled Naturalistic Planting Schemes for Garden Landscapes – will eventually comprise six books with text and photographs by myself … Continue reading

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Perennials from Seed – a trial

New trends in planting design call for large numbers of perennials to replace traditional lawns and fill our garden landscapes. I want to encourage you to join in, but the biggest problem for most of us is simply affording all … Continue reading

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Meadows blog moving forward

This site focuses on perennials and their use in an average sized garden. The perennial meadow is a technique for bringing the benefits of the naturalistic planting trend within the confines of smaller garden spaces. The site is new and … Continue reading

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February Gold Narcissus still not flowering – its March!

Are you sometimes mislead by the names of plants? Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’ grows taller than Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’ and Miscanthus sinensis ‘Kleine Silberspinne’ (Small Silver Spider) will grow into a very bulky grass in just a few years even … Continue reading

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Gardening eBooks on Perennial Meadows

The Perennial Meadows series of eBooks is almost ready for publication as anyone who read my earlier post on gardening eBooks and who will read them will know. The series will eventually comprise six books covering the basic principles of … Continue reading

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