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Bulbs get eaten by mice and voles

As you can see bulbs, and in particular tulips, are amongst my favourite flowers. However, six years ago I hit a big problem; mice and voles started eating the bulbs – every single one of them. In that year I … Continue reading

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Summer, Perennials and Thoughts on Maintenance

Designing mixed perennial meadow plantings is all about choosing plants that work together well over an extended period of time by uniting into a living community where each has a part to play. Books will tell you that such plantings are … Continue reading

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Community Planting

Here is the small border at the entrance to my trial gardens in Amsterdam. It has been the same for more than ten years and requires less than an hours maintenance per year. Plants live together in communities sharing the … Continue reading

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Melancholy in Early Winter

Winter has started; it is warm and wet, calm and mellow, but with a hint of melancholy. Were the sun to shine the garden would sparkle, but when it doesn’t the line between order and chaos is finely drawn. From … Continue reading

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Is Texture a Garden Theme?

Like any good story the plot is revealed one step at a time; my garden is the same. Different seasons have different themes as steadily the plants grow up and express themselves like actors in a drama. By late summer … Continue reading

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Looking back at a Perennial Meadow Scheme for Christmas

There is a small perennial border in the centre of my garden where for many years I grew a random mixture of plants – all interesting, but as a whole chaotic. Finally, I decided to bring order and a sense … Continue reading

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Managing Garden Soils

Soil Management for Perennial Meadow Planting Schemes Americans mulch and Europeans don’t and arguments rage between those that do and those that don’t. Like many generalisations there are more exceptions than truths, but apparently an over reliance on bark mulches … Continue reading

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Perennials Prevent Weeds

Late Summer Sensations In the Perennial Meadow Garden Although I have had to neglect my trial gardens on the edge of Amsterdam this year following a decision to move house and all that involved, it is surprising just how well … Continue reading

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Grasses – the current state of play

The introduction of ornamental grasses into planting plans was one of the most significant changes to occur within garden design in the past twenty years. Through their inclusion amidst an evolving planting pallet of perennials, contemporary gardens took on a … Continue reading

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Colours Gather Strength in the Perennial Meadows Garden

In my previous post I celebrate the colour green; now others are challenging its supremacy. Here and there shrubs now rise above my perennial meadows bringing exciting new forms and contrasts to the looser plant material that surrounds them. Complementary … Continue reading

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